Monday, April 19, 2010

Vote for my Party Please!!!

For all you followers and dedicated friends of mine, I need a huge favor! I entered a party contest over at Sweet Charli.  I had to choose 5 pictures from Jaylee's cupcake party to enter. It was so hard just to choose 5, but I did it. Anyway this is where you come in! I would love for you to go and vote for my party! If I win then I will do a birthday banner giveaway as a thank you! You can only vote once and for only one party! Thanks everyone and wish me luck!

PS. I am #6!


  1. You aren't in the voting options! It goes from 5 to 7... :(

  2. I sent an email as I couldn't vote either. Hopefully the problem will be rectified soon! :)

  3. It wasn't there for me either :(

  4. I voted for you! I love the Cupcake theme and your ideas are SO CUTE!!


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