Monday, May 24, 2010

Ribbon Bow Holder!

I have wanted to make my daughter a bow holder for all her adorable bows. She has so many of them and I just had them thrown into a basket. The basket started to over flow and I was tired of digging through the basket to find the bows I was looking for. I was constantly picking up bows that I had thrown onto the floor while I looked for the right ones. So this is what I created!

It was so simple. I took a 12x12 frame and painted it purple. Then I took different colors of ribbon and stapled them to the back. I then hung it up in my daughter's room and added her bows! It was that easy. I love how it turned out!

FYI~ I got my frame from The Wood Connection and my ribbon from JoAnn's!


  1. Cute, Leslie!! I just discovered Wood Connection and ADORE that store!! I loved your tutorial over at Keeping It Simple!

  2. I love it Leslie- especially the AFTER which looks like a beautiful spring day!

  3. Ahhhh love this! Can't wait to make one! Thanks!

  4. I just made this a few weeks ago and did a tutorial as well....don't ya just love em?!! Yours is absolutely adorable!!

  5. Almost looks like a piece of art with all the bows on it.

    Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice.

  6. So cute. Love it. Just became a facebook friend too.


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