Monday, May 3, 2010

Bouquet of Flowers (teacher appreciation gift)

This week is teacher appreciation week! I have had this idea for a couple of weeks now, but my Disney Land trip snuck up on me and it didn't get finished until last night. Nothing like waiting til the last minute. So I decided that since I am a teacher and my pens are always walking off of my desk, that I would make a lovely pen bouquet!

I am sure you have all seen these, but I am including a tutorial on how I made mine!!!

        • fake flowers 
        • ribbon 
        • dried beans 
        • pens 
        • bucket/pail 
        • glue gun 
        • glue sticks 
        • scissors
      1. Cut a flower off of the bouquet and grab a pen without the cap!

    2. Glue the flower onto the bottom of the pen.

    3. Grab your ribbon and glue it over the bottom of the pen and start wrapping it around the pen to the tip.
        Put another dab of glue at the tip to hold the ribbon in place.

    Here are a few others that I made!

    4. Glue ribbon around the center of the bucket/pail and add flowers if you prefer.

    5. If you want a little extra pizazz then glue a little jewel to the center of the flower!

    6. Spill the beans into the bucket/pail!
    (sometimes I crack myself up!)

    7. Arrange your flower pens into your bucket/pail!

    Ta Da! How easy is that? I love how cheerful it looks! These pens would be hard for a teacher to misplace and for a student to steal accidentally walk off with it!

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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    1. I have passed the Trendy Blog award to you. Congrats!


    2. It is totally crazy that you posted this ..I was just writing my list for what I would need to make these!! Thanks for the post:)

    3. That's such a great gift and looks so easy to make. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Hope you had a great one!

    4. What a great idea! It's so cute and pretty!

    5. I can't think of where I saw one of these recently, but it wasn't nearly as cute. I think a dr's office?

    6. This is adorable! What a great gift! Thanks for linking up and thanks again for the swap! You are fabulous!!!

    7. I am a teacher and I would absolutely love this on my desk! I think I may have to make one for myself. Thanks for posting.

    8. That's such a great gift and looks so easy to make.thank,s for sharing i like your great idea.Send Gifts to Pakistan


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