Thursday, May 20, 2010

Decorate your vases with Washi Tape!

As I said on before, I am in LOVE with Washi Tape (Japanese tape)! The whole reason I decided to order some was because of this inspiration!

Elizabeth from To Be Charmed made these adorable vases.
So after seeing these cute vases, I decided I needed to order some Washi Tape. I kept dragging my feet to purchase the tape for two reasons.

1. I couldn't decide which color and designs I wanted. There are just too many cute ones to choose from.
2. I didn't know if I could justify spending that much on tape!

So after 3 to 4 months of debating I finally gave in and ordered some. I am so happy with the quality and how long each roll lasts! It is so easy to work with. When applying the tape if you don't like where you positioned it or it goes crooked, you can just pull it off and start over. The tape still continued to stick after repositioning a few times. So yes, this is my favorite product right now!!! 

I couldn't resist sprucing up my own vases and this is how they turned out!

I know my picture isn't as cute as Elizabeth's, (I never claimed to be a professional photographer) but I think they turned out FaBuLoUs!

This is not the last time you will be seeing a project with Washi Tape! I have several more ideas I want to do that will involve using it! If you missed my Washi Tape Magnets then you can check them out here!

If you want to purchase some Washi Tape then you can find it at the following places!

I am not receiving anything from either one of these companies! I just want to share a product that I love ans is so easy and versatile to use!



  2. The vases look adorable!

    ~ Elizabeth

  3. After reading the first post about the tape I jumped right over to take a peek at the selections and you are RIGHT there are so many cute ones to pick from. I shall ponder for now, but I'm loving all of the inspiration you are putting out there. I may {read: will be} purchasing some of this magical tape soon :)


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