Monday, August 16, 2010

Watermelon madness!

I have gone crazy over WATERMELONS!
This month is National Watermelon month and I am loving it!
I don't know why my house has to have a theme each month, but it does! I have gone crazy for WATERMELONS! So, today I would love to share with you my WATERMELON decorations!

I have 10 blocks that I set out each month, so of course this month says...

I have my group of 3 standing Watermelons!

I used the word SEED in my glass frame that gets changed monthly!

Sitting with my glass frame are two slices of watermelon!

I couldn't leave out my candle stand! I switched out my candles and added my watermelon ribbon!

I got my candles from IKEA, the ribbon from Wal Mart, the glass frame from Family Dollar, and all the wood from The Wood Connection!

The best part is I still have more cute WATERMELON crafts to post about!
Stay tuned later in the week to see the rest!

I hope you have a DELICIOUS day!


  1. Thats so awesome! I love the watermelon colours!

  2. I absolutely love the runner that runs between the candles!!

  3. So cute. I love watermelons, to eat and to look at. Love the colors.

  4. I posted about my watermelon project today too! Love all the cute stuff you have done.

  5. i love the watermelon blocks! so cute!


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