Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Crafts Part 1

I thought that my summer vacation would mean that I would have lots of time to craft!
BOY was I wrong, way wrong. It seems like I can't get anything accomplished. So here are some of my 4th of July crafts that I have been working on. Most of them came from the Wood Connection. I love that place!

USA wooden letters with some pizazz!

4th of July block!

Scrapbook paper star!

Uncle Sam's hat!

God Bless America sign!

Patriotic stars!

Glass frame with July's word of the month!

Freedom USA blocks!

Like I said I have been busy and there is even more to come!


  1. Those are all so adorable! Love the beadboard projects!

  2. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I love all of those...wish I had time to work on something! Please visit soon @ Thanks, Jessia

  4. You HAVE been busy! Of course I love those stars. Have a happy Fourth, my friend!

  5. I can't decide what is my favorite! Everything is sooo cute!!

  6. Very nice. I like the shapes and letters cut from bead board in particular. I havent seen that before, love the look.
    I like your owl motif too.


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