Thursday, January 20, 2011

A heart and cupid!

I love valentine's day decorations!
I have been seeing the cutest decorations around
the blogs and I figured I better start posting mine!
Here are a few things I made last year.

First up is my cute little heart from the wood connection!

I also made this cupid sign from the wood connection!

I will try to get more posted soon!


  1. Yikes, I certainly do not have as much to say as the previous commenter. He is having a bad day, or maybe just a broken heart. In anycase these are really cute valentine ideas.

  2. I love v-days decorations, too. I think they are even better than x-mas. Maybe because I love hearts and Oh also, I'm a hopeless romantic.

  3. Ah! You're killing me!! I haven't been to the Wood Connection in way too long! Cute decorations, girlie!

  4. I love that heart!!TOO CUTE!!!


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