Monday, January 24, 2011

Earn a free craft kit!

So back in December I decided to become a demonstrator for Makia!
What is Makia?
This is a great way for your friends and you to get together and create cute craft projects.
The founder of Makia are Alison and Missy from How Does She?
They have made it so easy to put a project together.
Each kit comes individually packed with all the supplies you need to create your project.

Here is the latest craft that my group completed!
(This is from the Makia website, I haven't taken a picture of mine yet)

They have some really cute kits available for the February craft group!

Isn't this adorable?

I am in love with both projects! These aren't all!
To view the rest click here!

So if anyone is interested in hosting a craft group under me then please
leave your email address in the comments or email me at
If you have any 10 kits ordered through your party, you get your kit for FREE!
What a deal!

So what are you waiting for, email me for all the details!


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  2. Love the Lost Socks display...too cute! :)

    (Had a typo on my previous post)

  3. omg, this is amazing! I've never even heard about this and this is something that I would love to do! i'm to google this!

    thanks for sharing :)

  4. These are just adorable!! I've been getting bored of my photo displays... thank you for the idea =) x

  5. Thanks for coming by my blog and participating in my Giveaway! I'm off to follow you and read more!


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