Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's get this party started!


I have decided to start a craft blog! Am I crazy? I am not sure yet! I do know that my family blog was being taken over by my crafts and decorations. I decided it was time to create another blog to share my crafts instead of on my personal blog. My poor kids are not getting talked about near as often. So this is how this all came about. I am making no promises or guarantees that I will post every week. I will try, but it seems like time just flies by way too fast. So wish me luck and hopefully I can inspire people and you can inspire me as well as I continued to do what I L.O.V.E., CRAFTING!!!! Today I have posted some crafts and decorations that are around my house for Valentine's day!


  1. Funny. I was thinking about starting a craft blog today too lol

  2. I'm excited to see all your crafts.


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