Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

              from one MOTHER to another!

The best things in my life are to be called a MOM and a wife. I am so thankful to be a MOM and to be blessed with my sweet children, including the one's to come! I am also so thankful for a wonderful MOM who is my best friend! I just want to take this opportunity to publicly thank my Mother for always being there for me throughout my life through thick and thin! I also want to thank my mother in law for raising such a wonderful son who is a great husband and father. Being a MOM is the most rewarding name I could ever receive and I am so grateful that I have been able to become what I always wanted to since I was a little girl. I also want to thank all the mother's out in the blogging world that have inspired me to use my talents and to share them with others. With all our everyday activities and responsibilities it is always nice to know that I have a whole family of friends and MOMS that I can turn to for ideas to help me become a better mother! Thank you to all my followers and for your sweet comments, they always put a smile on my face. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and it is shared with love and laughter!


  1. Happy Mother's Day Leslie I am a fairly new follower but I just adore your blog! I hope you had a day full of lasting memories and special time with your family.

  2. Happy Mother's Day my dear :) I had a "hoot" that you may be interested in participating in my project "In My Daughter's Eyes". If that is the truth then fly on over to and join in the fun!

  3. A day late, but Happy Mother's Day!!! I LOVE LOVE your new look (you don't need my help!) it's adorable!!!

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