Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Treats!

I love looking through pinterest and blogs to help me figure 
out what I am going to do for my kid's valentines.

This is what I made this year...

My 10 year old son took these

I totally copied the idea from 
and used her free printable.

My 3 year old daughter took these
I got these cute stickers from
a few weeks ago.

Then for their friends that aren't in their classes
we are going to deliver these

I took plasitc milk container and made strawberry milk
and made cake batter cookies from
except I used confetti cake mix.

I also had to make a snack for my daughter's valentine party and this is 
what we came up with. Not the best looking, but it will do.

As you can see we had a crazy busy night last night, but
it was all worth it.

Now it's time to celebrate the day of LOVE!

Happy Valentine's Day to my readers!


  1. I'm thinking about doing something similar for St Patty's but with cutout shamrocks.

  2. Love your blog!! Love crafts and handmade :) check out my handmade items sometime :)

  3. Everything looks so adorable!!!

  4. I love crafting! Your blog has some really cute ideas I am so excited to try out. My kids and I try to craft every weekend so we go through craft supplies like crazy. I have been looking for a wholesale craft supplier but I've had no luck. Do you just get yours from a local craft store in bulk or do you make frequent trips? Anyway, your crafts are adorable. You should do some Halloween crafts and post those!

  5. Hi! I plan on making the s'mores Valentines...I was wondering: Did you have to put the grahams in a separate ziplock so they wouldn't get soggy next to the marshmallows?? Thanks! :o)

  6. This is way too cute! I can't wait for my little guy to get bigger and need to give out Valentine's. I wrote about your "smores" over on my blog!


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