Thursday, November 1, 2012

I am back!!!!

I know it has been several months since I last posted, it just seems like ever since I had my third child I am super busy.  I want to get this blog started back up! I have been doing several fun projects and would love to post them.  I am going to start up Hoo's Got Talent again every Wednesday and I would love for you to link up projects you have been working on. 
     So to get back into the swing of things I know Halloween is over, but I am still going to do a couple of posts on projects I did for Halloween. I am going to start with these super cute spiders that I made with the after school program and for my daughter's preschool class.

I just love how cute they turned out!!!!

They were super easy to make. 
The supply list is....

Large pom poms
2 pipe cleaners 
2 wiggly eyes
hot glue and gun

Step 1~ To make these you start by cutting your 2 pipe cleaners in half
Step 2~ make an X with both sets of pipe cleaners
(you should have 2 X's)
Step 3~ Put both the X's together by wrapping one of the legs around the center.
Step 4~ glue on the legs to the pom pom
Step 5~ glue on the wiggly eyes

Your finished!

I hope you had a great Halloween and can add this to your list to do next year!



  1. I love the fun eyes on the spiders. Cute and easy. love it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Terri! I am glad to be back! I have missed all my faithful followers too!

  3. I love the yellow one with the blue eye shadow..... hahaha... adorable! Pom poms are really fun, here are some little monsters I made for my little one's Teachers' Day gifts


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