Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day project!

Check out this AMAZING package of Martha Stewart products that 
I received in the mail awhile ago!

Plaid Crafts contacted me and asked if I would like to
take part in a craft for Mother's Day.
Of course I said yes, because who turns down
FREE craft supplies? Not me!

When I think of Mother's Day I am reminded of all the 
things my mother loves. She loves flowers! 
Every since I was a young girl she has had flowers 
around in one way or another.
I learned about the different flower types, how to plant flowers, and how to 
arrange flowers from my FABULOUS mother.
So what better way to show her how much I 
appreciate that she shared her love of flowers with
me, then by creating her something with flowers
for Mother's Day!

Here is my floral creation for her!
Here are instructions on how to create
this simple project using
Martha Stewart products.

1. I started with 3 Starbucks glasses that I emptied out
and scrubbed the label and expiration date off
with an SOS pad.

2. I then used the Fancy Script Stencil Set
and adhesive spray by Martha Stewart 
to get the letters M O M on the jars.

3. I thought I would try the spray paint kit by Martha
Stewart with the color called Party Streamer in satin to spray on
 the stencils.

4. After taking the stencils off and letting the paint dry, I 
took an SOS pad to clean up the adhesive that
was left behind. Just go around the letters very carefully and
wipe off with a damp paper towel.

5. Then I decided to cover up the lid section with twine
and hot glue.

6. For the finishing touches I added so purple water using
a drop of purple food coloring to the water and
last I cut some of my Irises to put in the jars.

I am so please out how well it turned out. 
I can't wait to give this to my mom to say 
thanks for all the many things she has done for 
me over the years!

A big huge shout out to Plaid Crafts for providing me with new
fun products to play with and create this
Mother's Day decor.

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