Friday, May 27, 2011

Guest blogger- Its Sew For You!

I am so excited to have my guest blogger Melissa today!

Hello! I'm Melissa from Its Sew For You and I'm SO excited to be helping out Night Owl Crafting during her maternity leave...congrats on your sweet new baby!
With babies on the brain, and one who is teething in my house, I wanted to make a teether/soothie that she could chomp on and play with! And so the Dragonfly Soothie was born.

Supplies needed
  1.  Scraps for the front and back, stuffing, something crinkly sounding (optional), ribbons and/or rick rack.
  2. I started by creating my "pattern". Basically it was a kidney with a circle attached to it!
  3. Next I cut out a fabric copy of the pattern. For the back I used a chenille, love the feel of chenille! This was the whole shape. To add color to the front, I cut a circle for the head, and then the body out of a coordinating print. I used the pattern and drew up to where the head starts and then just drew a straight line.

4. Fold up 1 edge of the head a quarter inch
5. Pin to the body, wrong side of head on top of right side of the body; and sew close to the edge.
6. Pin on the rick rack attenna and ribbon wings, making sure they are pointed to the inside of the body, with the cut edge of the ribbon matching up with the outside edge of the fabric.
7. Pin the back to the front ensuring that all of the ribbon and rick rack is tucked inside.

8. Sew around the outside perimeter leaving a good 2-3" opening for turning it right side. I double stitched for durability stitching a quarter inch and a 3/8" stitch. (I did two extra rows of stitching over all ribbons too!)
9.  Turn right side out, all the ribbons will pop out on their own!
10. Stuff with stuffing. I placed a piece of plastic from a wipes package in the head to give a crinkle sound.
11.  Pin closed the opening and whip stitch it closed.

And the soothie in use!

Thanks Melissa for sharing this super cute tutorial with us!


  1. This is such a fun cute project, thanks for sharing!

  2. That is such a simple and great idea! I need to go whip one of these up. Thank you!


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