Friday, April 29, 2011

Hooty Hoot Owl Baby Shower!

This last Tuesday a shower was thrown for me and Daxen!
My BFF Sady, my sisters Melanie and Stephanie, and my mom
 threw the cutest shower that I have ever been to!

Since you all know that I love owls what better way
 to have a party than to center it around them!


When the guests arrived they had to fill out their address on 
their thank you envelope and then take a picture with
their owl mask!

Sady made this picture from the cricut to represent my 3 kids!
This was set by the envelopes when the guests first arrived!
This was the food table!
The food bowls were placed on tree stumps!
The table was covered with burlap!
 owl cupcakes

 chocolate owl suckers!

 more owl cupcakes!

This was the Thank you table!
It was called the "Smore goodies to take home"!

Diaper cakes

This was the Owl Dropping center!
The guests got to feel their parting gift bag
with owl droppings (candy rocks, skittles, etc..)
These little owls were everywhere!

I love this super cute banner!
It was made with toilet paper rolls with burlap wrapped around the middle
and ribbon in between.
 My mom made these darling embroidery hoop framed owls!
She fussy cut out the owls and appliqued them to the tree fabric!

This was the onesie station where everyone decorated a onesie for Daxen!

Here is a picture of me and my fabulous friend Sady, Hoo definitely 
went over the top for this amazing shower!

The pictures don't even do the shower justice, but you get the idea!
Thanks to my wonderful family and friends for a great day!


  1. So cute!!!! Love all the details!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  2. What a cute shower! I love the three little owls in the frame.

  3. Love it! They did a great job with all the details!
    I must know how they made those yarn owls that were hanging around! My daughter's first birthday is this Fall, and I'd love to add those to her owl-themed party...

  4. Wow! I don't think I spent that much time planning my wedding. I'm truly impressed.

    And my heart is warmed. My mom loved owls, and she would have been tickled by all the decor. Thanks for reminding me of her first thing today.

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  6. What a great idea for a shower!

  7. ahh..sady, your mom and sisters are so cute! what a fun baby shower. i LOVE all the little details.:)


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