Friday, June 4, 2010

We have a Guest Blogger Today!

I have a guest blogger today!!!

Hi to all of you Night Owl Crafters! I am Kim from seven thirty three - - - a creative blog and I am super excited to be here today!  Leslie guest posted for me a few weeks back and now I get to return the favor!

seven thirty three has really been growing over the last few months and I think we have a really fun, creative place for you to visit.  I feature my own crafts along with other peoples creative ideas.  And on Wednesdays we have the Sugar & Spice Girl link party and Thursdays the What are little boys made of? Boys link party, both of which are growing.  I would love to see you come link up a project or two.
I offer lots of freebies throughout the year, and I also offer blog design!  So if you are in need of a header, button or any other design element, I'm your girl!
But enought about me, let's get on with todays craft!
I am going to show you how I made these super cute cropped pants for my little man:

Just in time for the summer weather to hit!
While going through my sons clothes weeding out the winter/too small clothes I realized that I had a huge pile of pants that were too small only because of his height.  They are in great condition and I was bummed to have to get rid of them. I considered turning them into cut-offs, which is fine and dandy but I don't only want him running around in scruffy shorts, so I came up with this!
A cuffed cropped pant!  This works for boys AND girls (big ones too!).

 Here is what I did:


1. Fold and iron the pant to the length desired.

2.  Measure how much fabric (or twill ribbon, etc) you are going to need to create the "strap" that holds the cuff. (You want to be able to sew the inside end beneath the cuff so the stitches don't show on the outside and the outside end should be sewn  above the cuff).  Mine were 2.25"w x 7"l. (Sorry, no picture).
3.  Cut the fabric, iron in half, wrong sides together. Sew one end and done the side.  Now turn and iron flat. (If you use ribbon you can skip this step!).

4.  You want to turn the pant leg inside out and sew the raw edge of the strap to the outer seam of the pant (I cut the raw edge with pinking shears).

5.  Turn pant leg right side out and iron again to ensure the shape (no picture).

6. Sew the other end of the strap just above the cuff.  I hand sewed it on and then sewed on the button.

7.  Sew the tops of the cuffs down on either side of the leg so it doesn't start to flop down(OK, I was a bad tutorial picture taker since I missed a few steps!).

That's it, you're done!  Now put them on your little one (or yourself!) and snap some pictures... my little man loves the camera, but only if HE is behind it, so getting him to pose for pictures is a daunting task.

If you give this a try I would love to see the finished project!
Want to see a few other fun projects from seven thrity three?  Check out my creative ideas page right now!  Thanks again to Leslie for having me as a guest today.

Happy sewing!

Thanks so much Kim for posting on my blog today! I adore your cute blog and all your AMAZING projects and link parties!

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  1. Great guest post! Definitely heading over to visit!!

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