Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Swapping with Becky's Craft Closet!

Today I am blog swapping with BECKY from  
My Craft Closet

Please make her feel at home and go visit her adorable blog!

Hi I am Becky of Becky's Craft Closet. I have a blog right here where I try to post all my crafty endeavors. I can't go a day with out creating something. My mother and all my grandmothers were seamstresses, and baking pro's. My mother actually made Wedding dresses and had a VERY successful business when I was younger. That is of course where I learned to sew. I wish I would have been more patient and taken in more knowledge, but it wasn't until I had little rugrats of my own that I realized the value. I go through phases and have probably tried everything out there, right now I am OBSESSED with jewelry and have an etsy shop here above and below is a sampling of the projects I have made recently.

I love to copy ideas from jcrew (below)or anthropologie.

Here is my latest attempt.I started with my husbands pink shirt which I figured he was never going to wear.
I took in the sides, and used the scraps from that and the sleeves to make a ruffle to line the neck area. I also had to make a facing for the neck and arm holes, to hem them. I did this by laying the shirt on the scrap fabric and tracing the curve. easy peasy.

I totally love it. I think it is my new favorite article of clothing, I wore it yesterday and got lots of compliments.
I hope you enjoyed it, Thanks Leslie for letting me blog swap with you and your cute blog! I hope you will all take a look and let me know what you like. Today is the kick- off of my "Crafty Summer" I will be posting something every weekday in June. I hope you will join me.


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