Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving decorations!

I am still working on getting my Thanksgiving decorations put together this year, but I wanted to show you what I made last year!

The first few crafts I made are compliments of my cute friend, Sady!

Let's start off with my gobble banner! It is just made out of felt!
Check out my standing turkey! Isn't he adorable?
Sady's dad cut him out of wood and then we modge podged fabric onto the feathers, stained the body and legs, and painted the rest.

Here is a close up of the cute little sign that is hanging off of Mr. Turkey!

Next is my November danglers! This is one of my favorite sets.

Here is my 10 letter word blocks!

I just had to show off my plate!

Maybe now I will be motivated to finish the rest of my Thanksgiving projects today!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE the standing turkey - SO CUTE!!

  2. Such cute decorations! I can't wait to have a place to decorate next Fall. I did a little in my college apartment, but it's university housing so it just doesn't make sense with me graduating soon!

  3. I want to be motivated to decorate. Your blog is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Hope this year's projects are coming along and will be added to your home soon.


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