Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween party food!

Last year my cute friend Sady had a couple's Halloween party!
She assigned each couple a recipe that related to Halloween.
Today I want to show you all the fabulous dishes that showed up to the party!

frightening fingers

ghostly enchiladas!

Spooky eyeballs
(This is what I made)

Halloween Cupcakes
(I love the marshmallow mummies)

It turned out so cute and everyone had a spooktacular time!


  1. Cute!! The tablescape is amazing and I like how the enchiladas jumped in on the festive spirit as well!

  2. If you would ever like new recipes or would like to be featured than please come on over to our blog and please check us out! We also have a give away going on right now and a apron going up tomorrow!! yah. thanks for letting me stop by your blog.

  3. ya its soooo cute ideas here i like halloween food and party.........woooooooooo........pravin yadav

  4. yum. everything looks spooktackular.
    Happy Halloween


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